Would you say about a nomad … he got a place? For me feeling nomadic, or vagrant [globe-trotter, in
Yankee's language], the possessive lacks sense.

Places in general yes, several in my case: 3 countries — the first, Brazil, native country — far as the devil
and nevertheless quite close, very close, indeed, I take it with me everywhere, at the bottom of the retina,
deep in my heart, in most dreams, in my way of being wherever I live.

Other countries, where I have spent months, years or decades of life, meanwhile much longer than in Brazil:
Germany, mecca of the opera — and now Spain.

Who knows where we are going to stay.
Is it really so important – the place – being all so transitory as we are?

I do not dramatize. I take notes and, as Rosalía de Castro said, keep drinking.

Place, a real place, is a state of spirit. The mother tongue. And some old songs. Sometimes. Not always.