brazil mapaBrazilians …
so much doings and showing off, a macho here and a overlord there, and this and that, at the end of all
what do we have today?, a little woman, half foreigner, half immigrant, well beloved by some people and detested by many, hairdo upright, rabbit teeth, strong speech, mother, granny, and now supreme chief
of the glorious nation and of the booming folk …
If that’s not «progress and order»! Cheers for ourselves, hurray!

A slogan of those ugly years by the putschists of the 1st of april: “BRAZIL! Love it or leave it!”
After all I left, not for lack of love, quite the contrary, and much less because of nasty uniformes.
Just what I’d needed!
Such a lot of feelings yet, homesickness, even tears have flowed, now crystallized, I guess. And I have
always refused and keep refusing to take another citizenship … no matter what advantages [$$$] this
could bring.
Hey man, come on! A fellow renegade … this definitely not!