3 palacete sao joaquimPinda [Pindamonhangaba, ex Novitiate of the Salesians] and Lorena [Imperial Palm Avenue, Salesian
The only thing left is the sonority of the name, Lorena, though I frankly do not know why it sounds good
to my ears.
But even in this case Lavrinhas wins, at the end of my childhood the first impact with the world beyond
the mountains of my birthplace: a poetic landscape meets the tenderness of the word.

From the other village I keep in mind a mix of “pindaíba” (bankruptcy) with “mamangava” (Bumblebee),
by prosodic association. It would be necessary to reread Dr Sigmund.
And I remember, thinking of Pindamonhangaba, the paternal figure of Father Luis pointing at the horizon
to the outline of “Pico Marins”, look up there, your mountains, he said, the crest of the Sierra.

All that [cheeky prick of memories!], did it really happened …
or are all those things just revived shadows?
Of the last century? Of the last millennium?

Photo: St. Joachim Palast (Seat of the Salesian University)