eschenheimer torNice country, rich landscape, fantastic variations of nature from the Alps, through the Black Forest and
a thousand valleys and woods, hills and mountains, to the North Sea and the Baltic.

But the food, my dear, mineral water, coffee, you need a stomach at the beginning. And very much
patience to get used to all that stuff. Some things simply don’t slide down.
But beer and wine, yes, at will. Not to criticize.
And moreover great wealth, lots of luxury, splurge on everything.

What about dirty tricks and theft, all our typical miseries in the tropics?
—Just like us, brother, only with less audacity and chaos. Tricking riches usually disguise to keep the
varnish intact. Sly, refined, depraved people just like us and everyone everywhere.
But, well, Germany wins, I guess. Best camouflaged corruption. More or less.

So people there also use to make off with, buddy?
Good joke! By talking about people, what sort of! Without them, well some of them … please stop, don’t gossip any more!

Of course there are nice people, yes, sure, but it’s hard to find some, listen, just take your time, I’ll tell you.

Photo: Eschenheimer Turm (Medieval Tower)