leu530From the slopes covered with vineyards, currant bushes and different sorts of greenery, the eyes of any hiker catch
the whole plain called after the romantic river Neckar till its discharge into the Rhine a few kilometers from here.
Not very far, to the south, you can see the silhouette of the four giant towers of the legendary Speyer Cathedral,
where the Salier Emperors and other German kings are buried.
To the north, also a few kilometers from here, the mythical Worms of the Nibelungs (Nibelungenstadt) with its
emblematic Cathedral, and the confrontational presence of Luther.
On the riverside of the Rhine there’s a statue of Hagen throwing into the river the Treasure of the Nibelungs
(das Rheingold).

Somewhere near here, maybe in the Odenwald, scenery of important historical and mythical facts, the saga registers
the existence of the brook where the hero of the Nibelungs, Siegfried, was perfidiously assassinated by Hagen
von Tronje, who with a spear pierced his back in the only vulnerable point of his body.

There the trilingual boy grew up, including kindergarten and throughout the school period. There we lived many years and made good friends. Not many, but all [almost all] excellent people with whom we maintain contact to the present.