cangas600So here we came and decided to move and stay for a while… as long as possible.
After more than two years we can confirm the first impression.

The climate is fine, mostly sunny days in a stunning landscape with very nice people,
their strong local patriotism is a challenge, you need to get accustomed to.
And to live in … a duplex apartment with an amazing sight to the Bay of Vigo and to the hills,
a lot of green fields all around.
So it seems that everything is inviting us to stay here for a long time and to calm down our born nomadism… well, who knows!

cangas lunallena400To the right:
City view with sea port
and Rodeira Beach


To the left:
Morning way to the
port with full moon


melide cies400To the right:
Melide Beach
with the
Cíes Islands