corunaAt times it comes as a simple breeze, soft, cool, nice, or rather violent and noisy,
but always determined to compose and decompose the clouds, dragging them
from one place to another, shaking the surrounding water and causing waves of
all shapes and sizes, some of them very dangerous [occasionally bringing a dead
body back!], followed by bold spring tides covering with white foam the black rocks
and beaches of Orzán and Riazor … down there, a few steps away.

Elegant welcoming city, where you immediately feel the kindness and sympathy
of the Galician people in their most pleasing facets to the stranger, not without
a touch of local pride though, in which may fleet the unspoken question: you're
not from here, are you?

A pity that the old center is so poorly maintained, presenting a dilapidated and
unsightly, even uncomfortable aspect with countless skeletons and facades of
typical houses, elegant and majestic in old days, but currently in deplorable
condition, abandoned to the elements, without any attention from their owners
as well as from the municipal authorities.

A Coruña — now our last stay, certainly not definite, being such nomads as we are …
and therefore, respectable public, the search will go on.

And joining Leopardi, il navigar m’è dolce in questo mare.