idfI would like to mention especially the 'Deutsche Welle' in Cologne, 'Frankfurt Radio' (Hessischer Rundfunk), Cultural
Instituts in Mainz and Mannheim, Tübingen, Freiburg, or at the University of Heidelberg, Institute of German Language
and Literature for Foreigners (IDF), under the personal direction and with the unconditional support of professor Dr Fritz
Heuer, who was so nice to assist me actively with the translation of my texts into German, or of the deceased professor
Dr Friedrich Strack († June 2013) who friendly read and corrected all my manuscripts (in German).
Of such poetry readings there is, to my knowledge, no available recordings, or if there are any, they are not available
to me at this time, so I’ve decided to record a few poems, then nowadays it's fortunately so easy to reach the poetry
readers possibly interested in listening … to the poet's voice.
Recorded texts are available to the listener / reader in the corresponding menus, where you can hear my recordings.

Please note: in the next future I’ll be providing some translations!

Photo: IDF - Heidelberg University