The commitment of the mother in maintaining the harmony of her family suffered a huge rejection after she got married to Álvaro and gave birth to Aracelia.
All relied on a brilliant operatic career bringing them social and financial advantages.

The grandmother's affairs and the constant bickering parents, Aunt Jenny’s problems with drugs and drinking, the family curse, the stress of traveling around
as a singer and living abroad — because of her hypersensitive nature the mother could not stand it any longer.

Aracelia recalls the facts mostly during the Camino de Santiago, which she performs in her father’s company to celebrate, albeit belatedly, the high school graduation.

The remoteness of his country and the living in a sort of ostracism, especially in Germany, play for Álvaro a fundamental role.
His mysterious past and his poor health predict a dramatic ending.

Result: three biographies sketch, drawn by Aracelia in a rather peculiar way.
Her poignant farewell letter to friend Norma from Santiago, the only reliable person who has remained true, reveals a total lack of perspective
about the future and the consequence of her reaction.

Three ways of live. Three different deaths.

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