So here are two titles that after all anyone can read now as completed works … whoever may want to!

For welcome travel buddies of this [literary / linguistic] adventure, scrolling through the original of my “atypical” German
or willing to read it fully, here it is, as reading samples.

The third title is resting in a drawer, or behind this screen, waiting for a [happy] end: I'm not sure, not quite, indeed,
if I should continue in the language of Büchner and Heine or if I finish writing in my mother tongue.
Time will certainly show me the way.

For example:
translating “pivete” as “street kid” (Straßendkind) gives the image with the appropriate emotional component again,
but is basically a poor solution, regarding aesthetics and narrative precision. The amount of prejudices accompanying
this most tragic theme triggers in my anger and outrage at the rude ignorance of certain circles and has led to heated
and frequent discussions about it.



* Martinelli - the black shadow of a puma on the waters of the devil, novel, 475 pages, in German, Heidelberg, 2005, published in Portuguese as a Kindle Book and as Paperback
* ARACÉLIA - when father and daughter whose mother suddenly, novel, 216 pages, in German, Heidelberg, 2009, publicado como Kindle Book e como Paperback (as versões em português e em espanhol deverão ser publicadas em 2019)
3. Entwurzelte – zwischen Brasilien, Deutschland & anderswo: Erzählungen auf Deutsch, veröffentlicht im August 2017, als Kindle Book und als Paperback