Wind rose








Guidance instrument par excellence, equal to ancient seafarers and landlubbers, as actually being the case of the perennial adventure of this wandering writer, author and singer of “scattered verses”, arias, romances, ‘lieder’, serenades and many other chants in foreign languages ​​and complex pentagrams, my wind rose has two “guide stars” …

stars of first magnitude and very first luminosity…

not to mention their natural beauty, which our poet Vinicius already declared “fundamental”, their great tenderness – air, water, earth, fire, honey of life, and even more their blessed words and actions … without which I don’t know [and never will] where I’d be today … neither where I have ended up …

The grateful remembrance of a great missing star, “JOYCE”, and the perennial, almost exalted cult of my star alive, “CARMEN”, —«joy» and «poem»— magical singing, two magical faces, unique in the world, the first vanished long ago in the mists of time, the second very close to me, present, omnipresent, and much more than this in the day-to-day ups and downs, both are [will ever be] inextricably linked to the most vivid, essential and rewarding part [past, present and to come!] of this incredible adventure!



made by an old friend using some [old] tapes and insisting they should be available
for other friends & and all the “aficionados” - here and out there!

Thank you, dear Julius – wherever you may be now.


theater hdSince the years of Seminary the worm of the theater has been doing its secret work, especially of that type – tied to music.

In illo tempore there were the typical sacred, medieval and modern “autos”, and in
the biggest holidays, Don Bosco, Maria Auxiliadora, Domingos Savio, Father Director, visits of the Provincial Inspector or of some member of the high salesian hierarchy
from Turin, musical presentations or the so called “operettas”, with arguments almost always extracted from the life of a saint, performed with piano accompaniment and in which I always had a soloist role, causing the envy of the schoolmates.

Among others I was St. Domingos Savio, St. Alexius and even St. Aloysius Gonzaga.
Well, nobody could say I didn’t look like…

Besides I also remember a furious Othello, properly adapted [and of course censured], Le furberie di Scapino [adapted and censured, as usual … Molière is dead, so what?], a Pirandello, Enrico IV [ditto, ditto], an Oedipus Rex and many others.