theatro municipal spThe seed was thrown. The roots grew up. The worm began to gnaw.
Under the direction and with the active participation of the electric Bardawil (my old friend Zé Carlos, great
journalist, untimely disappeared), we performed very successfully, among other daring feats, The Taming of
the Shrew, in the late 60s, with me as Hortensio.
A group of fantastic amateurs challenging all sorts of limitations to revive on the stage the crazy figures
conceived by the genius of the Elisabethan theater.
All of us head over heels in love with the blonde Popi who played a splendid Katherina.
A big public success. Personally a little triumph, hilarious moments of joy, stratospheric enthusiasm and
the crazy wish to carry on.
And in those years, being neighbor of the “Teatro Maria della Costa”, at the Rua Paim, I could participate on
some productions doing little parts. In one of them, singing “Catarì, catarì”… and the old song “Pierrot”!
O tempora! Maria, this great actress and charming woman, died a few months ago, January 2015.
She will be missed. RIP.
Then came many participations on opera performances and recitals with the “Teatro Lírico de Equipe”.
Other good memories keep waiting for their chance to come up.

Photo: São Paulo - Teatro Municipal