schubert lachen und weinensmiles & tears …

tears … laughter … rain of cosmic dust
or reddish crystals of stars spraying
illuminating our steps through the world,

lurching?, without rhythm, aimlessly,
appearances may deceive, yes, it needs
a lot of light, bright light, ethereal and fine,

the unknown path [blind] leading us
to god-knows which abysses of light
or shadows certain beliefs want eternal

and we, the living - fragile sparks of a fierce
fleeting moment, ay, what do we know
about what nobody knows and never will,
then so it’s life with its laws and aims? …
an absurd of darkness and inscrutable ways,

who knows who made it or how it happened
and what’s it all about? happy who believes,
even without knowing why, at the end
of the tunnel each one will get its torch
of rays and lightning or the surprise of nothing,

after all it’s the end of the road
end party and nothing more, period,
so might it be, amen, if you agree, or not,
that's what it is and nothing more beyond
what will be … or not!